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A Man & His Flowers

I walked through Union Square one late summer afternoon and I came across a man who had a table set up by the steps at the southern end of the park. He had a sign that said “50 Cent Flowers” and he had buckets on the table filled with them.

I came a bit closer and noticed that the flowers weren’t real flowers at all, rather fake ones, made from material and wire. They were all very delicate and I watched from a distance as he sold a few. Finally I approached them and took a closer look.

He noticed my camera and asked if I was a proffesional, and I chuckled and told him no, just enjoying a hobby. He chuckled back and said “Me too.”

I bought 4 flowers and then asked him if he minded if I took pictures of his flowers. He smiled and nodded and I took some, but when I looked at them later, I realized that none of the images I had captured of his exquisite creations were as delicate as the man himself tending to his hobby.

50 Cent Flowers