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45 RPM Weekend … Part 2

No, you didn’t miss anything, I’ll get to Part 1 when I get to it. But right now I’m talking about Sunday 08/05 at JC Cove right smack dab in the middle of the Nautical Mile in Freeport.

Now I had a few thoughts in my head walking into this gig, I had seen the band only two nights before for an hour set at the Brooklyn Bowl, and only once in the past, but I knew I was in for a good time. These guys know how to move a crowd, and I was looking forward to one hell of a gig, which is partially why I was surprised when a few days early I got a less than lukewarm reaction to me being there. See, I’m buddies with a member of the band, and when I told him I was thinking of coming down he answered with an “oh…” Turns out, he’s not a fan of the sweaty musician in the hot sun look, and was worried the pictures would make him look even worse than he already does. He invited me to the Brooklyn Bowl gig, because the lights and real stage would make him look prettier. (That’s part 1)

I mentioned all this to another pal of mine, a musician I’ve shot more than a few times, and he responded with “Yeah, I see his point. But then again, you never make anyone look bad.” So I was pretty sure I was gonna make the gig, and when the same person who gave me an “oh…” suddenly needed a ride to the gig, the deal was sealed.

It turned out to be a perfect day for an outdoor show, an amazing crowd, and the band was flawless. If you’ve never seen them, 45rpm are the self appointed rulers of that cheesy feel good move your butt music of the 70s we all know the words to. Not that they need us to, because vocalist Danny Calvanga needs no help at all. He’s got that voice that can tackle everything from a hard rocker to the soft ballads that make your heart swoon. He’s also got the style and skills needed to be the perfect front man, kinda like the pilot of jet plane, because there’s not a slacker behind him. Bobby Simons controls an endless supply of sounds from his keyboards, and is always spot on with his delivery. One of those guys that because of his incredible talent make it look easy too. Across the stage from him handling both guitar and keyboards … and even a vocal or two is Mike Hack. I don’t think many people even know how much he’s adding to the band, but without him the sound wouldn’t be as full and rich as it is. Michael Barberich looks the typical long haired skinny guitar slinger, although that’s not a requirement for the position. His ability, however is. He flies his instrument through the groove and brings those licks that make these songs the classics they are.

While the keyboards and guitars are what we all know and love about a song, it’s the rhythm section that makes our feet move and our asses shake. In that department, 45rpm is blessed with two monsters. Simon Walsh is the bass player I’d want to be if I could do anything other than play a radio. He locks that groove down and never drops it. I think if a lightning bolt struck him in the middle of a song, he wouldn’t drop until the tune was over. Plus he looks and acts like Danny Kaye. Sitting way in the back, hidden behind her kit is Linda Mackley whose smile is almost as big as her ability to stomp out that beat and move the room. It was a pleasure to be stuck next to her for a tune (oops, that’s in part 1) because I could watch her play drums all night.

But you know what … these cats are only part of the reason I wanted to hit the show, because this is the thing that people tend to forget about outdoor afternoon gigs… the audience can be seen just as well as the band. So as I shot 45 RPM doing their thing, I turned my lens the other direction towards the smiling faces cutting up the rug and boogieing down. (Are they 45RPM heads? And how do I get a 45 RPM necklace?)

But don’t take my word for it… come down to the next gig. Keep up with them on Facebook and be there, or Simon will come get you …

All of the day’s shots can be seen on my gallery … here…

All of the day’s shots can be seen on my gallery … here…