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Heading For Pizza

Not just pizza, but Pizza. The best pizza in NYC, John’s of Bleeker street.  At the corner of 6th Ave and Bleeker street there is on the cities many vest-pocket parks, a small triangle with a beautiful fountain in the center, Father Demo Park.

On this beautiful late Saturday afternoon, the kind of summer days the city was made for, there was piano player in the park. A young red headed man, who played a baby grand piano on dollies. Even though I couldn’t wrap my head around him dragging his instrument of choice through the city streets, I even made a joke about him living in Brooklyn, we enjoyed his music. I took his photo a few times, but the angle and the damn light pole behind him was working against me.

So my eye began to wonder, as it always does. There are so many sites to absorb, for my lens to set upon. The girl reading her book in front of the fountain or the guy next to her, oddly enough listening to his IPOD. There were a few tourists, more locals. Some lilies were striving in the summer heat. The traffic and the world rushed by. The sun was beginning to sink. Across Bleeker from the park stood Lady Of Pompeii church. Its magnificent multi arched steeple and simple cross set against the sky.

I raised my camera and shot.

Lady of Pompei

I posted the photo the next morning and was pretty much stunned by the reaction to it. Within 24 hrs it was my second most commented on, and my third most favorited image.

It’s one I’m happy with too.