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JRR Tolkien told us “It’s a dangerous business going out your front door.”

If that’s the case, I was thrown off the cliff this morning when I bitched that my internet was down, and all the things I should be doing wasn’t going to get down. “Pick a new word” she responded, and I knew right away she was right. What the hell was I doing inside on a beautiful summer’s day in NYC anyway? I went to the study, grabbed the can & drew the word.


Something about a door always sparks a curiosity in me. When those hinges creak open, what’s on the other side? Who has the key to that door in their pocket? I get insane desire to peep through the keyhole, spy the world that exists on the other side.

Doesn’t everyone want to look inside a medicine cabinet when in someone else’s bathroom?

In the end though, strange doors are still magical and mystical, but could never to compare the greatest door of all… you’re own.

Doors 004

Door 001

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