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The Pipe Santa Left Behind

My friend, Doug, has to be the best Dad ever. This year, for Christmas, Doug strapped on boots, trudged across the back deck – nearly slipping and killing himself in the process – and left a pipe next to an empty plate of cookies.

All it was done so his two beautiful children would rush down the stairs and have no doubt at all that the abundance of presents nestled underneath the beautifully decorated tree was left behind by none other than Santa Claus himself.

Christmas means so many things for so many people. I have my own opinions, but as strong as they are, I am never one to belittle or destroy an opposing thought when it comes to this topic. Secretly, I am a bit envious of the joy Christmas brings some people.

Every year, we are amazed by the gifts that the Santas in our lives bring us. It could be a comfy and warm new sweat shirt or a top of the line Nikon D700, but its something that we were given because the giver just wanted to see a smile. It’s the beauty of a gift given selfishly.

I believe what I just wrote – it’s why I love giving gifts, even something as silly as a little ornament, and why I love receiving gifts, even something as small as a book.

But lets be honest. The best gifts – the gifts that Christmas was made for – are for the children. The bells, the whistles, the lights, all the terrific things toys do these days and the ecstatic expression they leave on our children’s faces. It’s the magic of a new great toy – but it’s also the wonder and amazement that someone out there, someone who lives far off in the North Pole and tracks boot prints through the kitchen in his rush to visit all the houses in the world, clumsily leaving behind his pipe, is watching us, and knows exactly what we wanted.

I thought of this as I cleaned up after my boys went back to their mother’s when my Christmas weekend with them was over. I put away their toys, where they would wait to be played with again, and I thought back on my own past Christmas, and how magical the Santas in my life were, and still are to this day.

Thanks for the sweatshirt Mom and Dad. It was exactly what I wanted.

This is what my kids got this year… what did you get?


The Hulk

Space Shuttle

Iron Man

Hess Truck

Video Game Controller