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SpiTune – Some Pretty Serious Goofballs

SpiTune is the only band I know that deserves it’s own word for the way you feel the day after – “SpiTuned”.

Kim and I have often felt SpiTuned the next day – which usually involves a drive home since the band hails from the New Hope PA area. Feeling SpiTuned is a mix of all things: maybe a tad bit too much beer, your ears ringing from some amazing sounds and your sides hurting from all the laughing.

SpiTune almost has a need to create their own vocabulary because they’re the only ones doing what they do. Combine the solid bass lines of Mike Krimm and Dave Haviland’s gifted drumming and you’ll walk away with a hell of a rhythm section. Through this Bill Fowler weaves his explosive guitar licks and blistering solos. There alone you’d have a hell of a band, but what seems to tie these guys together is the acoustic guitar of Fred Moore.

Fred also handles the vocals and the lyrics. Fred writes songs about the common man, in common situations – of sorts. Fred’s writing ability and humor mix to create some pretty memorable lyrics. Not for the young, but perfect for the young at heart, Fred sings to get out his frustrations out about stupid people, those who annoying him, and all the stuff his mother told him he shouldn’t say in public.

Come down to a gig – if the songs don’t have you laughing, the between song banter and the crowd interaction will. Then the laughter seems to stop suddenly as Bill wails on his strings and follows the path Mike and Dave skillfully blaze.

SpiTune’s album – “About Time” (Buy it here) – and their live shows are on constant rotation in my home. This weekend they launched their new facebook page and released a whole bunch of new dates:

Saturday July 30th – Forumstock 6, Stillwater, NY
Friday August 12th – Jam At The Grove, Ottsville, PA
Saturday Sept 3rd – John and Peter’s, New Hope, PA
Sunday Sept 4th – Private Party
Saturday October 1st – Wang Dang Doodle

I was lucky enough to be hired by these guys for a private shoot. I love the results, their personality bursts out of every image. Dave came up with the “handcuffed to our instruments” idea and I’ll love him forever for it. It worked great.

The whole shoot, and video shoot afterwards can be seen on my site here… but here are my favorites…

Lick Me

Some nights there’s nothing finer than sitting out in the summer breeze with a fine glass of wine, with Bob Dylan singing prophetically in the background. Its a time to think back on life, the meaning of it, and what it’s all about.

And others all I need to fill the empty reaches of my soul is a case of Yuengling and Spitune.

I first found Spitune at Camp Creek 2007 and I’ve been a fan ever since. As indescribable as they are, they’re the ultimate working man’s rock n roll band. The lyrics of Fred Moore are about real life people and situations, that lying jerk in the bar and the indecisive chick we all know and hate. Spitune not only hates them too, but doesn’t stop short of saying how they feel. The band could be taken for only that if not for how strongly talented they all are. The raw power of Bill Fowler’s guitar as he punches out his solos of over the solid and impenetrable bed of rhythm laid down by bassist Mike Krimm and drummer Dave Haviland is outstanding and demands attention. Fred’s acoustic guitar adds flavor to the mix, and like I previously stated, there are the lyrics. The songs wrap up in a great package which gets the crowd moving and just oozes fun. They’re definitely the best band to invite to your next barbecue.

Spitune released their cd … the aptly named “About Time” (Run over to CD Baby right now, and grab a copy for yourself… and while you’re waiting, preview the songs, they make the photos look better.)

Kim and I jumped into the truck and sped across NJ to be a part of a special event, the Spitune CD Release Party. I was looking forward to seeing them all again, hearing them again, and of course having another gig to shoot. The show did not disappoint, a rocking evening of Spitune, great friends, old and new, and lots of laughter. So now I’m introducing the neighborhood to the band, as the CD rages through my stereo and I’m anxiously waiting to the next gig.


All the shots from the night can be see here…

All the shots from the night can be see here…