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Just another Sunday in New York City. Unseasonably hot, yet Kim and I ventured into Manhattan for a stroll, and of course a stop at our favorite bar on planet earth.

We wandered through a street fair in SoHo, taking in the sights, sounds and all that is Manhattan.

I got to play with my new toy, the MB-D80 Battery Grip which is why I realized all my shots are portrait. I spent the afternoon playing with the new shutter button.

Nothing special, but that’s what makes Sundays like this so special. Being in the place you love with the person you love doing what you love…. and a cold a beer.




NYC Fire Escape

Cold Beer On A Hot Day

Still Life

Another dip into the coffee can of words.

This time I scratched my head when I saw the word. “Still Life”? What the hell does that mean? The only still life I could think of are those bowls of fruit that they make you paint in art school – or at least the art school that you see on TV shows.

My biggest problem was that I didn’t have a bowl big enough for the fruit. Well, I tried at least. Then I got bored with the fruit, I mean it’s just fruit. So, before eating it, I decided to take a closer look.

Back to the can for another word…

Still Life 01

Still Life 02

Still Life 03

Still Life 04

Still Life 05