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Go For A Walk… Find A Bike Tour

What cracks me up the most about this, is the fact that I actually subscribe to “Time Out NY”, which for the non-NY readers, is a weekly magazine that tells everything that’s happening in Gotham this week, I got my issue last Tuesday, like clockwork, and I still didn’t know today was the New York City Century Bike Tour.

I was up early, Dallas caught an early flight home and I was feel too melancholy to be able to go back to sleep. Sitting around on such a beautiful day was driving me nuts so I grabbed my gear and headed outside with no destination in mind. I really didn’t think I’d take a lot of photos in reality, probably just wander around bit, too lost in thought to be inspired. I walked along Cooper Ave as a bicycle passed me. Then another. Then five or six more. I took a closer look and saw that they all had numbers on their shirts, with a little “NYC Century Bike Tour” on it, and I realized maybe I’d have something to take pictures of after all.

I walked along Cooper and up Cypress against the sporadic flow of the riders. I started taking shots, but then I stopped myself. I realized this was a great time not only to take photos but to learn to take photos. I started paying attention to the sun & shade. I looked at the long curving street, and decided my best vantage points. I experimented with various camera settings, I predicted what a certain shutter speed or aperture would look like, and sometimes, I was actually correct. I stood, I sat down, finally I lay down along the curb to shoot up as they raced past me.

Through it all, I was struck by the happiness of the riders. I got a lot of “thank yous”, tons of smiles, some thumbs ups, some peace sign, and one person even picked their nose for me. I moved further and further along the route, eventually entering the bike path in Highland Park. I took photo after photo of these amazing athletes as they sped past.

I shot a lot on “Sports” mode on my camera, which is a mode I use a lot actually, however, it’s never really in the presence of sports. This is my trust fall-back when I shoot live music, in fact the only other time I used this mode for it’s intended purpose was when my brother Mike ran a marathon in Vermont.

Some of the shots came out ok. I have a ton more that I haven’t even processed. I’d love to get in touch with some of these folks, I mean how often does one get to see themselves doing something they really enjoy doing?

New York City, huh? Where else can you go for a walk thinking you’d find nothing interesting to see and return with over 600 shots?

Slideshow of the shots I have done can be found Here

NYC Century Bike Tour 2008-047

NYC Century Bike Tour 2008-035

NYC Century Bike Tour 2008-019

Here’s me… getting into it…

Me @ The 2008 NYC Century Bike Tour

NYC Century Bike Tour 2008-031

3 responses

  1. graspthemoment

    Author : David
    E-mail :
    URL :
    And all I ever saw in the Century rides I took was corn fields! Fab pictures pitchfork.

    Author : Mike
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Great stuff Brian! Love the pics. Kelly and I are doing a similar thing (Bike tour around Manhattan) on October 5th. We’d love pictures and we promise not to pick our nose at you

    Author : suehenryphotography
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Sometimes I feel like I must sound like a broken record — “Great series, Brian!” I especially love the first image you’ve featured.

    I read somewhere about a photographer who goes to events, passes out his business card to participants or event organizers with a SMUGMUG link on it. Then he posts his event photos as a group gallery to allow folks to purchase photos of the event. Food for thought. You seem to have such interesting photos from such a variety of events.

    I may try that someday with some of the car shows my husband drags me to.

    September 11, 2008 at 1:12 am

  2. I was so sad leaving you this day, but I’m really glad that you decided to go out for a walk when I left! Great find and amazing photos. I really love how you’re experimenting more and taking more action photos. I’m pretty fond of the self-portrait as well. 😉

    September 13, 2008 at 10:00 pm

  3. icwrjohn

    OInce againm they;re terrific shots. I particularlky like the onen of the rider picking her nose. Now that’s New York for you!

    September 18, 2008 at 9:31 pm

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