Grasp The Moment Photography

Water, Water Everywhere

I first noticed it as I drove along the LIE from work back home. It was late, past midnight, but just as I drove over the Maurice Ave overpass I could see a huge spray of water from the street below. Thankfully, my new camera sat next to me, barley less than a week old.

I drove the next exit and quickly doubled back.

There at the the corner of Maurice Ave and Bordon Ave there was a huge jet of water shooting into the air. Confused and amused Con Ed guys stood around, waiting for someone to arrive to shut the water off. The water came from a freshly dug hole in the street, I guess by the guys who stood around it now, which was on the side of a gas station.

My camera was new to me, and I knew the images weren’t going to be great but I had to try to capture this. This was the life moments I had so desperately wanted an SLR for!

No cops were around, and the Con Ed workers didn’t seem to mind me, so I crept closer and closer to the hole. It was by far, the coolest thing I had seen in a while…lol.

Suddenly, I became aware of the sound of tiny ricochets, and the Con Ed guys began looking a little more worried and less amused. Through my lens I could see the side of the hole which was contained a layer of tiny pebbles had begun to slide into the jet of water. As soon as the pebbles came into contact with the power stream, they shot into the air and rained down on the area around us. Tiny mortar rounds fell the gas station roof.

By now the police had arrived and begun to close off the area. I snuck around for a better vantage point and took a shot before they guys who knew how to shut off the water arrived.


A few minutes later the water was off and whatever work they were there to do continued. The police moved on, and eventually so did I.

I raced home to see what I had captured, thirsting for my next adventure.

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