Grasp The Moment Photography

Beauty In The Small

The circumference of planet earth is 24,901.55 miles at the equator. The deepest part of the ocean is 36,201 feet straight down. The tallest living tree is 367.6 feet tall. The longest river is 4,135 miles. The largest ball of twine is twelve feet in diameter and weighs 17,400 lbs. The distance from my desk to the place I really want to be right now is 97,954,560 inches away.

All of that is way too big for me. I always kinda knew that, but I was convinced of this this past weekend at my brother’s house. The kids ran and splashed in the pool, the adults laughed and drank wine and I snuck away, got on my belly and tried to capture the tiny beads of dew that were caught in a spider web.

Dew On A Web

So let the sun which is 864,938 miles wide drift slowly above us 92,900,000 miles away across the sky. I’ll be on the ground watching this spider.

The Spider

Or trying to get this butterfly to sit still!!



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